Grease And Oil On Your Car’s Interior

Grease And OilWe all know the properties of oil and grease. They can really stick on anything and could become quite a mess. They are very slick and oily. Aside from these, they could prove to be quite a challenge to remove.

Much as you keep your car’s interior immaculate and clean, accidents do happen. You could step on oil or grease that may have leaked from other vehicles. And when you do, you could bring it in your car’s cabin without you knowing it. Well, only until you notice that oil or grease stain on your carpet – or even on the fabrics in your car. Too bad.

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The seeming lockstep price of Crude Oil and the Morgan Stanley Capital International

Price of Crude OilThe seeming lockstep price of Crude Oil and the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE based TSP 401k.

A friend of mine at work got into the I fund (based on the Morgan Stanley Capital International EAFE) at the right time and rode it to some great profits. He said that as oil prices rose so did the I fund. Being a curious fellow I decided to take a look and an interesting pattern appeared.

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Where Did All the Oil Drilling Equipment and Well Service Equipment Go?

Oil Drilling EquipmentThe well drilling and servicing businesses have been very prosperous the last few years. The industry, although, has been marked by an extreme cyclical past that discouraged capital investment. It doesn’t feel too good to have a multi-million dollar piece of equipment collecting weeds somewhere in a field. When oil began to rise a few years ago, demand for drilling came back and rotary giants came back. The interesting thing is that although equipment can come and go, what about people?

Many people who in the late 70’s or early 80’s had done well in the oil business saw there returns diminish over the next two decades. Talented people tend to be able to switch gears, therefore, many of them moved on to more profitable endeavors. The average family oil business struggled for many years as oil prices languished. Funny, I don’t recall hearing such outrage from politicians as has been witnessed lately. For the people that stuck it out and invested when times were bad, they are now reaping the benefits of the flip side… to punish them for risk taking is un-american.

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U.S. Ends Oil Dependency: Turns B.S. Into Fuel

US Oil DependencyWhile America is experiencing a gasoline shortage, the nation’s dependence on foreign oil is about to end.

A researcher at The Department of Energy, from which breakthrough ideas emanate on a regular basis, noticed that Americans, along with most people who ever lived, have a virtually unlimited and renewable supply of B. S. He wondered if it might be turned into fuel.

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