Oil Prices May Crash

Oil has been rising for the past 10 years as the world has come to the understanding that there is only a limited supply and national economies are tied to it. To many people the rise in oil price is a good bet because of its limited nature. It may be possible that oil will take a dive in price as it comes close to $100 per barrel as people begin to feel uneasy.

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Update: Artic National Wildlife Refuge: Senate Rejects “Oil Drilling”; Approves “Oil Hunting.”

Fueled by skyrocketing gasoline prices, the Senate once again took up debate on oil drilling in the Artic National Wildlife Refuge.

The members were sharply split along party lines, with Democrats maintaining that the very idea of intruding on that pristine national treasure with oil rigs is an affront to every responsible American’s instinct for wilderness preservation, while Republicans were more inclined to advocate tapping the oil for the preservation of their electoral status as members of the Senate.

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Predicting Oil Prices: The Shortage Lies In The Fact

Any numbers of energy experts—in Wall Street, in specialist trading outfits and in government bureaus throughout the world—have concluded that, since demand for oil will continue to outstrip supply, crude prices will remain on a firm-to-higher path in the foreseeable future. The problem is that hardly any statistical formulation is based on audited or established facts. Data from countries within the OPEC (Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries) has proven to be totally unreliable. And oil consumption estimates from countries like India and China are just that, estimates.

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Investing in Oil in the Face of Terrorism

Terrorist attacks threaten the security of nations and create an atmosphere of uncertainty. These threats impact stocks and commodities markets around the world and make investment decisions very difficult, even for the experts.

So what can average investors do? First, they should ask themselves what the likelihood is of a major terrorist attack. Then, they should determine whether their portfolios are hedged sufficiently with oil-related investments that would increase in value should a major terrorist attack disrupt oil production and distribution.

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How To Change Your Car’s Motor Oil In 3 Easy Steps

Ideally, you should change your motor oil every three months or after every 3,000 miles. If you often drive around in hot or dusty conditions, you might even want to change oil more often than that.

The process is pretty simple, and as easy as one-two-three. Step one is getting ready, step two is draining the oil and changing the oil filter while step three is installing the new oil.

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Is Global Warming: Something to Worry About?

The majority of us are aware of ‘global warming’ and the effects that it could have on our planet and its population.

It is often our basic necessity items that have the most hazardous impact on the environment indirectly affecting people worldwide. The daily newspapers read, the Evian water bottles and Coca-Cola cans consumed as well as the plastic Tesco bags used, all are heating up the environment. The question is how does this occur, we tend to throw these items into our general waste and these are then transferred to a landfill site for waste materials. Over time, the waste decomposes and rots which releases methane, a greenhouse gas, into the atmosphere. Although gas is a key source of energy, scientists have discovered that the drastic increase in these has led to rising temperatures on a global scale.

Simple tips to help the Earth survive. It’s all about time!

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The Roller Coaster Oil Market

There is a public mythology concerning the oil markets that has been fueled by a sharp rise in oil prices in the last few years. That perception is that the oil companies whose job it is to acquire the raw materials to make petroleum products, including gasoline for transportation, are the source of the rising prices. It is easy for the public to pin the blame on big business.

The truth is that those on the inside of the oil business know full well that the oil business is tremendously cyclical. That means that the old adage, “whatever goes up must come down” definitely applies to the oil markets domestically and around the world. The current high prices are more a reflection of problems with refineries and with supply due to tension in the Middle East than it does with the profit objectives of the oil companies involved. In truth, oil companies have to cope with sweeping shifts in supply and demand and it impacts how they plan their economic futures as much or more than it affects the average consumer.

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About Man Vs Nature

Your culture is broken. Your routine is broken. Your whole day is broken. Your evenings are broken. Your life has become one helluva hiatus of incisive breaks.

Fortunately your workplace provides you merely one break each day. however if you even consider enjoying your break you get mercilessly broken. If you favor to remain at home your existence gets broken.

The news channels carry on breaking their news until nothing remains. They even break the news of a heart broken wife overwhelmed by her booze broken husband. The entertainment channels break you tastelessly after you begin finding it palatable. The movie channels break you such a lot that you just surrender going any longer with it. The sports channels break even the live proceedings and permit such a lot break virus creep into the little screen that you just virtually want a google search to seek out your favorite players.

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