Future Of Oil

In recent days oil market has witnessed surge in global oil price. Crude oil went to a two-month high on concern that U.S. refiners will fail to produce enough gasoline to keep up with peak demand this summer.

Short fall in supply of oil from Nigeria and uncertainty on Iranian nuclear issues are already keeping buyers of oil nervous. Delivery in May future hit $68 per barrel, a 20 pct jump from last years $56.5 per barrel, only $2.85 from August 2005 high’s of $70.85.

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Rising Commodity Prices Causing New Turmoil Through The Mining Sector

The Gold and Silver Index (XAU) is holding steady above 120, having reached a high above 156 in January, a level it had not seen since September 18, 1987. The spot uranium price is higher than it’s been since January 1980. Crude oil? Filling up your gas tank should remind you that oil prices are still painfully high. So all of this must mean mining companies are thrilled with their good fortune? WRONG! There’s a snowballing crisis in the mining sector, which has been kept off the typical investor’s radar screen. This new emergency could drive commodity prices to even higher levels over the coming months, and possibly until the end of the decade.

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Venezuela Threatens To Cut Off Oil Exports To US

On Sunday, Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, threatened Condoleezza Rice. Last Friday, he also made treats to discontinue exporting crude oil to America if they will still try to undermine his administration.

This is his response to previous statements made by Condoleza Rice that relationship of Venezuela with Cuba are perilous to the democratic system in Latin nations. Moreover, the US State Department accuses Chavez of utilizing Venezuela’s abundant oil assets to interfere with the dealings of adjacent nations. They also criticized him of enhancing relationships with America’s enemies, for instance, Iran and Cuba.

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How Does The Price Of Oil Affect The Stock Market?

Ever since the price of crude oil started growing there has been talk about the price of oil affecting the share market and your investments. Now if you think about it logically it does sound like it would make an affect. If it costs a company more to run the company because oil prices are changing then it sounds like it would affect the share price. Same goes for the idea that people will be less or more likely top purchase shares in a company that has something to do with oil. So for instance would you invest in a company which sold hose sockets if you were in a draught? However is this theory about crude oil price affecting the share market actually real?

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Oil Shortgages – A Solution

Many of us remember the oil shortages of the late seventies. They caused more than just the inconvenience of occasional gasoline rationing. Several elderly people actually died in the New York City area because of a lack of heating oil. Some people thought it would only get worse, and we would run out of oil completely before long.

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Risk in the Oil Drilling Game

When considering whether or not to invest a portion of your assets into American oil, you must come to an understanding of risk inherent in this type of endeavor. As i have said before, if you are not a high networth or accredited investor limit your exposure to sector mutual funds and the like.

If you are an accredited investor, take a closer look at direct participation oil & gas deals.

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US Ends Oil Dependency; Turns B S Into Fuel

While America is experiencing a gasoline shortage, the nation’s dependence on foreign oil is about to end.

A researcher at The Department of Energy, from which breakthrough ideas emanate on a regular basis, noticed that Americans, along with most people who ever lived, have a virtually unlimited and renewable supply of B. S. He wondered if it might be turned into fuel.

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Investing In Oil And Natural Gas Is All About Diversification

Investing in gas & oil investments is all about reducing your risk, and spreading-out your investment funds, or diversifying in as many new prospective oil & gas wells as possible while building a portfolio of new commercially productive wells. You need to be able to do this while taking advantage of the opportunities to invest in many fields as practical.

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