We are a dedicated crude oil brokerage company, working directly with
    buyers & sellers of crude oil and other petroleum products.

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About Crude Oil Brokers

Crude Oil Brokers Ltd is a dedicated global crude oil buyer and seller brokers or facilitator.

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How We Operate

We are a global operating, United Kingdom and Nigerian based firm, privately owned and devoted to the oil buying and selling brokering.

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Who We Work With

We work with other crude oil & other petroleum products buyers and sellers, small, medium and large companies, corporations and governments.

Crude Oil Prices

Need Our Help?

We work fast and very hard while paying attention to detail to achieve satisfaction for both crude oil buyers and sellers.

If you are a buyer of crude oil or a seller of crude oil and you need help with finding a seller or buyer respectively, contact us today.

End- Buyers And Sellers

We work directly with end-buyers (such as oil refineries) or re-sellers of crude oil that have the available funds to purchase Nigerian Bonny Light Crude oil, BLCO, AGO, D2 Diesel oil JP54 Jetfuel, Mazut 100 and more.

Reasonable Procedures

The buyers and sellers that we deal with are usually reasonable in their expected sale procedures. We have procedures that quickly connect up end-buyers and end-sellers to speed up the buying process.

Send Us Information

If you are a buyer of Nigerian bonny light crude oil other petroleum products or a seller and need our services, please send us full information of your needs using the form above.

Why Work With Us?

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